Empirical Health

Empirical Health

Purity – Quality – Potency


Excellence in the Use of Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Empirical Health specializes in the use of the very highest quality Chinese Herbs and Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas.

Our company is well established and recognised by leading physicians across the world as suppliers of formulas that are manufactured according to classical Chinese texts

We produce and supply hand-made specialist formulas in a variety of forms. Our manufacturing is founded on ancient wisdom with applications suitable within a modern context.  

We distribute premium, high grade herbs and granules sourced exclusively from the best companies globally.

Empirical Health’s reputation is based on our rigorous Purity – Quality – Potency standard and a pioneered Three Tier Testing regime which ensures all herbs used in our products are independently tested for safety and quality to the highest standard in the world in our industry.

Our company is the first and only Chinese herbal medicine company in Australia that is approved as an Australian Certified Organic Processing facility.  Meeting every one of the stringent requirements for the supply of Australian Certified Organic (ACO) herbs.

Empirical Health markets organic herbs in both domestic and international markets, and with confidence, our company is setting new standards in excellence.

Our very essence is earth-based, natural and organic. Empirical Health is a socially responsible company with a strong commitment to improving our environmental performance and reducing environmental impacts. We seek partners and suppliers that have environmental policies and practices that are aligned to our company’s ethos.

We pride ourselves on building relationships and value the connections we make with all our customers.

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