Blue Buddha Therapeutics

Blue Buddha Therapeutics is a topical CBD / organic herbal company that offers a revolutionary way to treat stress, pain and imbalance in the body. Our founder Gordon Merkle, L.Ac. utilized his 35 years of experience as an acupuncturist to develop an innovative way to combine herbal formulas with CBD that have shown amazing results that can be felt by anyone in a matter of seconds.

Having successfully treated many professional and Olympic athletes in his practice over the years, Gordon came to develop a unique application system for Blue Buddha products that enhances performance as well as rapid recovery from injury.

This topical proprietary system targets specific meridians, muscles and systems in the body to achieve immediate relief while balancing the body at the same time. It has been shown to calm the vagus nerve in a matter of seconds by rebalancing a sympathetic dominant state in the body with empirical results.

Stop by table 47 in Rousseau Hall for a free demo and to learn more about these amazing products and treatments.

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