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In 1982, over 40 years ago, Blue Poppy was founded by Bob Flaws and Honora Wolfe—both first-generation TCM pioneers, both firmly committed and tireless in their efforts to establish and support our fledgling profession. Bob and Honora are now enjoying a well-deserved retirement, but Blue Poppy continues to thrive.

Blue Poppy Enterprises was born from the vision to address an important need in the early years of our AOM profession: Books about TCM in English. In those days there were almost no written materials for students, so Blue Poppy started a publishing house and built an impressive catalog of books. Bob and Honora also began offering educational seminars to augment the meager education available at the few schools that existed.

When the lack in educational materials was no longer a burning issue, Blue Poppy moved on to address another problem: Quality herbal materials and formulas that addressed the unique complaints of American patients, and so Blue Poppy herbal products were conceived and born.

The Blue Poppy herbal product lines now include:

Almost a decade ago, Blue Poppy embarked on another mission: To manufacture needles that offered the best quality available at an affordable price. We are happy to say that we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams with our Balance and Tempo acupuncture needle lines. ALL Blue Poppy acupuncture needles feature a tab-less design and are made from surgical-grade, German stainless steel.

In 2021 we established Blue Poppy Formulations, our HIPAA-compliant, custom granule compounding service in Portland. Able to choose from any Blue Poppy Granules Formula, Single, or several mushroom extracts, practitioners can design and drop-ship starch-free formulas directly to their patients on an easy-to-use web platform. Visit our Blue Poppy Education YouTube channel and watch a video about our new service.

Always a leader in Chinese medicine, in the fall of 2022 Blue Poppy will re-introduce the UNICO brand of acupuncture needles. An established brand in Japan, these elegant needles will once again become available to practitioners in the United States.

For over 40 years, Blue Poppy has prospered by supporting the profession 100%. We are, and have always been, committed to doing our part to establish Chinese Medicine in the US as a legitimate and respected profession. We hire licensed practitioners to take your calls so that you have knowledgeable service; we support acupuncture projects around the world by donating needles and herbal products, we support medical non-profits with proceeds of our herbal product lines, and we support our professional organizations. This is who we are.

Stay in touch with our efforts. As good as our first 40 years have been, we are committed to improving and creating a dynamic new company to serve you and the coming generations of TCM practitioners.


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