Treasure of the East

Better Results with Better Herbs. Treasure of the East premium herbal extracts are used by China’s top hospitals and research universities, and loved by TCM practitioners worldwide. Visit us to learn about our patented production processes, explore our world-class laboratory, and hear what practitioners are saying!

Geo-Authentic and Sustainable. Over 95% of Treasure of the East herbs begin their lives at geo-authentic (Dao Di) farms that have a direct purchasing relationship with our supplier, Tianjiang. These high quality herbs are extracted immediately after harvest, resulting in the cleanest and freshest herbs around. Please enjoy a relaxing video tour through some of Tianjiang’s Dao Di Farms:

About Us. For almost 30 years, Treasure of the East has served the American TCM community with over 600 varieties of single herbs and formulas. The herbs were initially brought to the US by Dr. Ann Wang, CMD, LAc, an acupuncturist in New York State and former faculty member at China’s Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, for the benefit of her patients. Demand grew rapidly by word-of-mouth in the Chinese-American TCM community and the Treasure of the East brand was born.

Treasure of the East is the first FDA-registered company to import granule herbs from mainland China, offering a complete line of herbal extracts made by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. Tianjiang is the world’s largest and most trusted herb supplier, and the supplier of choice to 70% of China AAA-level hospitals and to 80% of China’s national TCM research institutions.

We have been exceptionally proud to serve as Tianjiang’s exclusive US general agent and distributor; ours is the only US brand authorized to use the Tianjiang name.

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