Fat Turtle Herbal Pharmacy

Created by acupuncturists for acupuncturists

After years of searching for quality herbs and ordering from a multitude of suppliers we knew there was a better way to get what we needed for our patients. We were finished with prescribing patent tea pills and formulas pre-made for the masses. Health is achieved through more than that. So a mission was born to create an herbal pharmacy that uses only premium grade herbs, compounded to order in any format, for practitioners of Traditional Herbal Medicine.

What We Do

Fat Turtle is a full service Chinese Herbal Pharmacy that serves T.C.M. practitioners throughout the U.S. and beyond. We offer custom fulfillment of herbal prescriptions in any format. Also stocked are a variety of patents, external liniments and a range of pediatric and mother focused formulas. You can create custom blends or choose from tried and true classic formulas all made to order from the most premium herbs available. We offer worldwide shipping and can send formulas to your office or directly to your patients.

Purity For Your Patients

When we say our herbs are tested for pesticides and heavy metals, we mean all of them. And since new ones are being developed continuously, the list is of tests is ever growing. Our raw herbs are currently tested for over 380 pesticides and we are the only pharmacy in the U.S. that has a N.D. (non-detectible) pesticide limit for over 90% of our herbs. Nothing gets by us. The herbs will simply be trashed or sent back to the supplier.

Zero tolerance for pesticides means true purity for your patients.

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