For over two decades, The WABBO Company has been a trailblazer in an ever-expanding industry. As a wholesaler, manufacturer, and distributor of medical and acupuncture supplies, WABBO has made it a priority to not only offer exceptional medical equipment and products but also outstanding service in helping clients find the best solutions for their needs. Since 1999, our dedication and passion has helped us establish a reputation for unwavering quality in our products and true commitment to our customers.

As one of the major suppliers of acupuncture products, WABBO was founded with the goal of creating an outstanding, sharp and effective acupuncture needle. Through numerous layers of meticulous testing and inspections, our first acupuncture needle was brought into market. Fast forward 20 years, WABBO has built a community and a collection of products, ranging from acupuncture needles, herbal remedies, and moxa to TDP heat lamps and various other medical products.












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