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It’s time we listened to our bodies

The call-in-sick symptoms we feel during our cycle are our body’s way of crying out for help. Caused by hormonal imbalances, these symptoms can be relieved for good with holistic, herbal blends that are clinically proven to heal the body over time.

Led by a pioneering team of doctors, herbalists, nutritionists, and acupuncturists, Elix combines the best of ancient wisdom and modern research to provide you with effective treatments and holistic health content that support your journey to your healthiest self.



Receive clinically proven support with Cycle Balance®

The symptoms that have us canceling plans and relying on pain meds just to get through the day are really our body’s cry for help. Elix developed Cycle Balance®, personalized Chinese herbal formulas to support the imbalances that lead to these symptoms. In 2022, Elix launched a third-party independently run study by a Clinical Research Organization to validate the efficacy of Cycle Balance®, and its ability to improve menstrual cycle related pain and discomfort.

The clinical trial included 65 participants between 18-36 who had had “moderate-to-severe” discomfort during menstruation, and were in “good health” and living active, healthy lifestyles.

90% of participants felt improvement in just three months with 15 common symptoms like cramps, headaches, and bloating,

It’s time we listen to our bodies. Cycle Balance® is clinically proven to help.


Our founder’s healing roots

Lulu’s grandfather ran a hospital in Hunan, so she grew up knowing the power of superfruit tonics and medicinal mushroom soups. But it wasn’t until Lulu went off birth control—and experienced the worst cramps, bloating, headaches, and sleepless nights—that she found her way back to herbal medicine.

Passionate about helping people reach their highest potential, Lulu recruited a team of East meets West medical experts to offer greater access to personalized herbal medicine for menstrual wellness.

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