Qualiherb provides top notch quality products from Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical, one of the leading modernized herbal medicine research center and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. We offer wide range of herbal products from single extracted ingredient to improved traditional and custom formulation, and consumer products to suit your needs.

Qualiherb (Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical) Company was founded in 1946 with modernized facilities equipped with state-of-the art manufacturing equipment from Germany as well as a comprehensive R&D facility and TAF approved laboratory.

  • Advanced Innovative R&D Center
  • Strict Raw Material Selection Process
  • Advanced Processing of Herbal Medicine
  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility
  • Fully Automatic Packaging and Distribution Facility
  • International TAF/ ISO170515 & National TFDA Certified.

Our goal is to provide quality and effective TCM herbal products of utmost quality and integrity delivered on time to our customers.
We strive to make Qualiherb synonymous with trust in the realm of TCM providers in the U.S.

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