Pacific Symposium

Oct. 29-Nov. 5, 2024

About The Event

Pacific Symposium is the best attended Chinese medicine and acupuncture conference in the US. Typically gathering close to a thousand participants every fall in beautiful Mission Beach, California, Pacific Symposium offers a powerful combination of inspiring presentations, one and two-day workshops, exhibit halls, networking opportunities, and time to recharge your batteries with a beachfront setting, daily outdoor qigong sessions, and fun parties. Pacific Symposium 2024 is excited to welcome Matt Callison, Kiiko Matsumoto, John Chen, Yair Maimon, Stephan Cowan, Clayton Shiu, Alaine Duncan, Zev Rosenberg, Bridgette Shea, and many more.



Pre-Conference: October 29-30, 2024

Main Conference: October 31-November 3, 2024

Post-Conference: November 4-5, 2024


Symposium Welcome

Every year, speakers and attendees ask us if there’s a theme for the coming year’s Pacific Symposium. Following in the footsteps of Symposium founder and former College President Jack Miller (still a background influence as President of Pacific’s Board of Directors) we advise speakers to choose what excites and inspires them the most. Even if topics are similar, the different approaches and perspectives make for a richer and more interesting experience.

2024 is a vibrant mix of opportunities to gain not only practical clinical skills like tui na (Bill Helm), skull palpation (Clayton Shiu), and holding space (Gary Strauss), but also demos and insights from experts such as Matt Callison, Battlefield Acupuncture’s John Howard, and more. Masters like Z’ev Rosenberg and Kiiko Matsumoto will share ancient wisdom on wei qi and immune/autoimmune disorders, and on source points and the Ling Shu. Speakers will also teach you how to integrate the newest research and techniques (Beau Anderson), invigorate your passion for practice (East Phillip), and manage side effects from pharmaceutical interventions (Mazin Al-Khafaji, Yair Maimon, and John Chen).

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