Aligned Modern Health

Aligned Modern Health is a top-rated health and wellness service provider, offering expert non-surgical, non-pharmacological integrative medicine in several “core service” areas:  Chiropractic Physical Medicine (Chiropractic Care, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Athletic Performance Support, and Clinical Massage Therapy), Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, and Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition.

Each of Aligned Modern Health’s 18 clinic locations in the Chicagoland area feature expert providers in each core service, and the Virtual Clinic offers Functional Medicine and Nutrition services to eight (8) US states via telemedicine.  They are in-network with most major insurance providers, and also offer competitive self-pay rates and packages for those looking to pay out of pocket.

Don’t go it alone – collaborate and grow with one of the best integrative medicine teams in the country.
Join Aligned Modern Health and help Acupuncture reach
its amazing potential in healthcare!  



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