Bio Essence Health Science

For over 20 years, we have provided specialized pharmaceutical-grade TCM herbs and supplements to practitioners all over the country. Everyday, we are revolutionizing the conventional concept of traditional Chinese medicine with ingredients put together by our team of professional experts. As one of the pioneers in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, our goal is to ensure that each ingredient is chosen with care, and turned into high-quality formulas by our experienced practitioners. Today, we bring forth a brand of individualized medicine and health supplements that restore wellness and vitality to your patient’s body.

Bio Essence Health Science combines modern technology with traditional practices to manufacture safe and quality health supplements. We ensure each ingredient is carefully chosen and all of our supplements are formulated by experienced practitioners.

Our Products

We make and distribute supplements utilizing western science knowledge incorporated into eastern Chinese medicine. Formulated by our team of ancient herb experts, we combine these two factors that maximizes the advantages of each ingredient to help promote daily wellness and vitality to the body. No artificial colors, sweeteners, and gluten added, so you can treat your patients with the most essential, natural supplements for different health issues.

We also make TCM granule herbs that are concentrated and sterilized for maximum performance. Each granule product is processed and extracted to create a 5:1 concentration ratio for better effectiveness and results. All of our TCM granule herbs are made internationally from a certified GMP pharmaceutical facility.

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