Golden Flower Chinese Herbs

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs is owned and operated by John Scott, DOM and Lorena Monda, DOM, both Doctors of Oriental Medicine. Since 1990, we have been providing practitioners of Oriental Medicine with high-quality, traditional, and innovative herbal formulas. We also carry acupuncture needles and clinical supplies.

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs is a complete, single source for Chinese Medicine products. The Golden Flower Chinese Herbs line consists of over 125 of our own specially designed formulas. We carry over 700 granulated extracts (400 single-herb granules and 300 granular formulas) as well as capsules and tablets from KPC Herbs. Our catalog also includes a complete line of acupuncture supplies such as acupuncture needles, moxa, books, charts, models, electro-acupuncture and far-infrared devices, and other items for your clinic. We also carry Floracopeia’s line of high-quality, pure essential oil singles and blends, Chinese herbal essential oils by Alchemica Botanica, and tuning forks from the Acutonics sound healing system.

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs assembles its patent formulas from high-quality bulk herbs. We offer traditional formulas as well as formulations by experienced clinicians. Each formula, whether traditional, modern, or a modification is created to address the problems of patients in today’s clinic. We are proud to offer our line of optimally concentrated formulas. We believe these tablets are the absolute best on the market today. Our pharmaceutical-grade tablets have high bioavailability; they are easy to swallow, and because they are optimally concentrated, your patients take fewer of them than other herbal pills and tablets and achieve better results.

We also carry a whole line of topical products. Based on formulas used in clinics and hospitals in China, Spring Windfeatures liniments, plasters, ointments, lotions, soaps and more. Golden Sunshinebrings us skin care items incorporating the benefits of Chinese herbs. Super Salve, a company based here in New Mexico, makes wonderful western herbal topicals which are all natural, without any additives or preservatives.

KPC Herbs, a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, is another industry leader. Extract granules combine the precision customization of bulk herb decoctions with the convenience and patient-compliance of patent medicines. No company producing extract granules surpasses the quality of KPC.

We are very proud of the quality of all the products we carry and feel that Golden Flower Chinese Herbs is your best and most comprehensive resource for herbal medicine and acupuncture supplies. Visit us online:

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