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Our story traces back five generations and begins when our ancestor, Tsai Liang Hai, sailed across the strait from the Fujian province to a small village in Taiwan in 1892. He had spent more than 20 years selecting herbs and mastering the art of herbal remedy before his arrival in Taiwan. Once he arrived at his new home, Tsai treated the various ailments of the people in his Taiwanese village and shared his in-depth knowledge of cultivating fine herbs as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Combining Tsai’s methodology with modern technology, KPC adheres to the strictest guidelines and quality assurance programs. Our family values are ingrained into our business, where we currently we carry over 400 single herbs and 300 formulas. Even as we have continued to innovate and modernize our processes over the years, the same values that drove our ancestors ring true today. We never cut corners, which means only ingredients and finished products which have passed the strictest industry standards make it out of our warehouse. As the leader in herbal manufacturing and contract manufacturing we firmly believe it is our responsibility to provide our consumers with the safest, most effective herbal products.

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