Pantheon Research

Since 1982, we have been designing, manufacturing and selling a line of innovative electronic equipment.  Pantheon Research puts a premium on the quality, clinical efficacy and dependability of its products. We are the only manufacturer of electro-acupuncture stimulators in the United States and use high-quality, professional grade components that are reliable, predictable and dependable.

We continue to research and develop instrumentation with better performance and accuracy in addition to conducting basic research in areas related to acupuncture. All electrical parameters of Pantheon Research equipment are based on published scientific papers. Located in Fair Oaks, California, we offer quick delivery, technical assistance, warranty service and repairs. Our President and founder of Pantheon Research is John Hubacher.

“I know that the success of our business has always been based on listening to our customer’s product suggestions and responding to their service needs. We have talked with thousands of you for over 26 years (whew!), and this has allowed us to grow and create products that fit your changing requirements.”

John Hubacher, President, CEO

Please allow me to give you some background on Pantheon Research and myself.

I originally had a business manufacturing small custom computer systems. This business ended and I desired to blend my interest in acupuncture and biological electrical systems with a new business,which was named Pantheon Research. Seeing that electro-acupuncture equipment could be greatly improved I worked with experts in the field to design the first phase of Pantheon electro-acupuncture machines. This was about seven equipment generations in the past.

It is a pleasure, privilege, and challenge to create professional grade equipment that contributes to the advancement of the very important and growing field of electro-acupuncture. I feel that electro-acupuncture is an embryonic science that has enormous and generally unsuspected significant contributions to make.

I wish to contribute to this goal by building great equipment that will be extraordinarily effective and offer research grade capabilities.

The roots of the name Pantheon Research imply that consciousness exists in all things. Consciousness may be found to be the basis of living bioelectrical regulatory systems. Thus, the future may hold the integration of human consciousness with the science of electrotherapy. It is toward that goal that the name Pantheon Research is offered.

Thank you for your interest and your business! “

John Hubacher President and CEO

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