Kiiko Matsumoto

Kiiko Matsumoto, LAc

Kiiko Matsumoto, LAc, is a world-renowned acupuncturist and teacher, best known for her ability to integrate the work of Japanese masters such as Master Nagano, Master Kawai, and Dr. Manaka into a coherent and clinically effective style. She is co-director of the KINKO Psychiatric Hospital in Yokohama City, Japan, researching and treating depression using Master Nagano-style. Matsumoto is also the author of several books on acupuncture, based on a growing understanding and deep interest in classical Chinese medical texts. Her two-volume Kiiko Matsumoto’s Clinical Strategies is a seminal work and cornerstone of palpation-based acupuncture. She continues to travel all over the world to teach her style of acupuncture and sees an average of 60 patients each week at her private clinic in Newton, MA, allowing her to continually evaluate and refine her techniques. 

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