Marilyn Allen, Public Relations and Marketing Director, AAC

With an MS in management and administration from Pepperdine University, Marilyn Allen is an expert in practice-building, office management, marketing, and professional ethics and jurisprudence. In addition to teaching the Practice Management class at Pacific College, Marylin has also been the editor of Acupuncture Today since 1999. Marilyn serves as the Public Relations and Marketing Director for the American Acupuncture Council, as well as a consultant to the California State Board of Acupuncture.

AAC is the largest and most experienced provider of Acupuncture malpractice insurance in the industry. With expertise in risk management, they are committed to robustly defending clients when the need arises. Having served thousands of peers across the country, they excel at customizing coverage to meet unique professional needs. They are deeply committed to advancing the Acupuncture profession.

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