East Phillips, DAOM, LAc

With a commitment to helping others actualize their full potential and wellbeing, Dr. East Phillips has been a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine since 1999. Her private practice has focused on the use of East Asian medicine, nutrition and aromatherapy in the treatment of anti-aging/rejuvenation, sports therapy, fertility enhancement and over-all well-being.

In 2010 Dr. East began to focus half of her time on coaching, consulting, and working with practitioners. Specializing in M.I.E. (Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement), Dr. East helps align practitioners with their Three P’s: Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity. As an approved continuing education provider for acupuncturists, Dr. East Haradin holds various courses, masterminds, events, and workshops on subjects such as Level Up Your Practice, Creating Exceptional Treatment Experiences, Incorporating Aromatherapy into your Practice & Life, Ageless – Ancient and Modern Day Secrets to Longevity & Facial Rejuvenation, Sacred Reflexology, The Art of Practice, and The Business of Acupuncture.  In 2019 Dr. East Phillips published her first book, More Than a Treatment: How to Create Exceptional Experiences That Increase Patient Satisfaction and Improve Treatment Outcomes.

In addition to private practice and coaching, she shares her passion for natural medicine as a professor, and clinical supervisor, at the Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego, California. Her classes span several programs and include:  Health & Human Performance Program: Nutrition 2: Supplementation Approaches to Peak Performance, Acupuncture; Master’s of Traditional Oriental Medicine: Acu Points & Channels 1, 2 and 4, Western Nutrition, Medical Report Writing, Intro to Clinical Observation, Intro to Associate Internship, Associate Intern Diagnosis, and Evaluation, DTD4 (Gynecology and Obstetrics); Doctoral Program classes (DACM): Practice-Based Learning and Interprofessional Communications.

Her education includes a BA in Business, a master’s degree in traditional Oriental medicine and a doctorate of acupuncture and Oriental medicine (DAOM), with her research and clinical trial focused on combining aromatherapy with acupuncture.  Around the same time as her clinical research, Dr. East founded Gem Elixirz TM a company offering unique aromatherapy products that combine the power of aromatherapy and gemstones for the purpose of transformative healing and wellbeing.

A native to Southern California, she enjoys inspiring others by teaching fitness classes, surfing, running, biking, snowboarding/skiing, SCUBA, triathlons (IRONMAN finisher Arizona – 2008), yoga, meditation, and traveling abroad. She currently resides in Del Mar, CA with her husband and two kids and continues to help patients, students, other practitioners and the general public with her lectures, workshops, books, events, and coaching programs.

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